About Us

Our Vision

We want to connect the world’s data, to help people and organisations make better decisions.

To do this, we have built the DataShaka unification platform, enabling customers to combine data, no matter the source or format - all powered by our very own TCSV fabric. Data Variety sorted!

At our core we have one driving principle we apply to everything, from the way we work, to the way we deal with data: Agility. So it is only natural that we are natural innovators, restless and love challenging convention.

How we came about

DataShaka grew out of a frustration, a frustration with data. Back in 2008, media agency agenda21 was looking for a fix to their clients’ ever changing data requirements. Keen to get a deeper understanding of their customers, but frustrated with wasting too much time on data management, agenda’s clients wanted to work with more data, from more sources, quicker.

After much searching and little finding, they did what any self-respecting entrepreneurs would do: they built it themselves (not really, they hired a bearded man to build it).

With the platform in place, it quickly became clear that there was an opportunity beyond agenda’s clients. DataShaka was born.

Since our successful launch, we have grown quickly, adding both new team members and new clients as we continue to grow.

Today, we remain true to the same core purpose we had at launch: Joining the world’s data.

But don’t just take our word for it

Meet the team




I try to ensure we build things that people value. I also try to keep our head in the cloud(s), ensuring we are thinking big and staying true to our vision of putting data at the heart of decision making, for everyone.  




I learn something new every day. I like to keep my disruptive streak well tuned and avoid thinking in straight lines. The more I learn about the challenges real humans have in real business the more I see that they need help! That is my mission. 



VP Engineering

I make the data challenges  come true by pushing as many doors as it takes. Always keeping the end-user experience in mind and smoothly unifying our code stack, I also am a dreamer and a customer pleaser. 



Head of Deployment

I connect with our clients to understand the challenges that they face in their business. As well as delivering great products and services with the DS team, I think strategically about how to deliver clients value in the long term.

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