We're hiring! C# Software Engineer

Want a job that most people will hate? We're hiring... :-)

Agility in a different light

We Are Hiring a Software Engineer!

Twitter Data in The Race for Context: A Case Study

5 Steps To Ensure That Data Projects Are Successful

Datashaka 101

Embarrassing Baby pictures of one of our apps

Three Varieties Of Data To Measure Brand

Work with joy

Let’s go outside, it’s nice today & I have data to prove it.

TCSV 2.0

Us and them : an unusual metric of culture fit

3 Months at DataShaka...

DataShaka At Conversion Thursday

How to DAT (Data Acceptance Test) - Ensuring Data Validity

My first week at DataShaka

How to discover your competitors’ keywords in a visual way

Big Data in 2014 - A Necessary Update

The Data Automation Process - Learning from Lemmings

Datashaka: S01E01

The value of values...

Why Do We Have To Dig Value Out Of Data?

Improving Our Whiteboard With Lego

GigaOm Structure Data 2014: Day 2 digest

Day One @ Gigaom's Structure Data 2014

The DataShaka unification platform, TCSV and the API v0.2

DataShaka @ Structure Data 2014

Unification Platform API V0.2: Three Early Decisions

Beyond Data Reporting: Moving from Hindsight to Foresight

Moving Beyond Big Data's 3Vs - The 3Cs of the Next Phase of Data

How do you get an elephant to speak TCSV? Spoiler alert: HDInsight

Data Variety - The Ugly Duckling of Big Data

A Challenge in the 3rd Wave of Computing

Week #1 at DataShaka

From corporate to startup: How to find your startup job

Our Clients

UDP Explained: Unified Data Points

DataShaka CEO selected for Silicon Valley comes to the UK "100 Club"

The tyranny of now: avoiding the plughole

DataShaka wins Strata London Start-up Showcase 2013

What is TCSV?

Avoiding the darkness: identifying potential sources of data

Listening to the Heart of Business

Hello from the newest member of DataShaka!

Letting Off Steam

My First Weeks of DataShaking

Talent Scraping at Silicon Milkroundabout 5

News from a VERY big and busy Big Data Week

Away Day - the 1 minute version

Internship at Media Science

Data Whereness: welcome to the world of 'New Data'...


We like it when clients make videos of our product :-)

Say hello to Media Science...

On Pair Programming

Resident Human

Our 'pillars' for 2013...

Why DAT is important

Psst... 'things' are the future. No really.

When to invert control, and when to exert it

Data Did Xmas: we ate, we drunk, we were merry...

Joining it up; the fly-wheel starts to turn...

Release Notes: r89

You get what you measure

Data Does Xmas...

Sunday at #SMR

Sunday at SMR...

So what is Big Data? In the words of EMC...

Used car? Would you?

Strata 2012: DataKind, Internet of Things and Dancing with Elephants

The importance of starting your axis at zero, and other thoughts from Strata London 2012

Media Science clients speak. Done in 60 seconds... (sneak preview)

Strata London 2012

Strata Soundbites

My first week with Media Science

Strata London 2012

Solving the Big Data 'Variety' Problem - White Paper

Release Notes: r79

Media Science? What's it all about...

Our new-look Kanban board

Mike Wilson, Ditto.TV, talks Media Science...

Note to Recruiters - this is how we roll :-)

Oli Hayward, Hall & Partners, talks Media Science and The Hub...

Nick Emmel, EDC, talks Media Science...

My first week with Media Science

Londata V in the can: What larks...

Part of the furniture :-)

Londata III: The Movie

Version 56 is out

My Media Science anniversary...

Rabbit. Headlights. Data.

Londata IV - Business Without Borders

You're only as good as your next pivot...

v50.0 out in the wild

Media Science in the wild...

Hacking last night

Version 41 came to life

Version 40 is alive (version)

Windows Azure: We wrote the book...

Version 39 is live!

Version 38 is live

Version 37 Is Go

Scrum + Kanban = Scrum-ban

Learnings from make benefit Lean Start-up

ETL is dead. Long live ETL...

Londata II - Taming the firehose, putting data to work in social media

We are 1. Lessons from the front-line...

Release 30

'The Web is dead'...and other 'thunderstorms' heading our way!

Media Science v26 is out!

Media Science from your bed...(or 'flexible working' as some call it)

Version 25 is out!

Version 23 release notes

Version 21 release notes

Release Version Hex:14 Dex:20 Oct:24 Rom:XX is Out!

Media Science on Microsoft's Channel 9

Say hello to Londata...

Release notes: version 18

MooTools is beautiful.

Release notes 18/10/2011

All hail the data scientist, for he is born...

Up periscope: the view from Strata

See you at Fowa...

MS squared: Media Science speaking at Azure BizSparkCamp, London

Release notes 27/9/11

Phil 'Live' from StrataNYC...

Release notes 19/09/11

SmartView debuts in the US...announcement

Release notes - 13/09/11

Tales from the Rabbit Hole.

Media Science: The first Microsoft MicroGem...

Come and have a go...

Say hello to SmartView...

It starts with the customer...

See you at Strata...

Every cloud...

Commencing countdown, engines on...

Three days in Software City...

By the power of caffeine...

The newbie speaks...

Media Science: The Movie


POC POV (wip)...

Bug warriors ahoy...

Oh yes we've shipped again...

Dressing Media Science


What's new...

MVC - slashed & burned.

If you're good enough...

In the beginning...

Smarts at the heart

Application #2 on the way...

Danger UX be...

Coming out to play...

Hello World

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