I try to ensure we build things that people value. I also try to keep our head in the cloud(s), ensuring we are thinking big and staying true to our vision of putting data at the heart of decision making, for everyone.
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Want a job that most people will hate? We're hiring... :-)

December 04, 2015 posted by Richard

Tags: Team, Jobs

.NET Software Engineer

The value of values...

April 07, 2014 posted by Richard

Tags: Non-Techie, Team, Company


When we're not thinking about data, we're thinking about the company we want to be.

The tyranny of now: avoiding the plughole

November 20, 2013 posted by Richard

Tags: Non-Techie


So, writing an article about the challenge of Urgent/Important vs Non-Urgent Important is too meta for words. This has been on my ‘to do’ list for at least 3 weeks…lol. But rather than beat myself up about that, I thought it would make a useful case study in how hard it can be to get to stuff that doesn’t feel urgent but, sure as hell, is important.

We like it when clients make videos of our product :-)

February 06, 2013 posted by Richard

Tags: Non-Techie, Company, Clients

Say hello to Media Science...

February 05, 2013 posted by Richard

Tags: Non-Techie, Company

Proud to publish our new intro video. What else you going to do in 97 seconds...

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