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December 03, 2013 posted by Lennard

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From global brands to pioneering marketing agencies, businesses are relying on the DataShaka platform to power their decision-making. Hall-&-Partners-Logo-(small)

Hall & Partners
Research Agency
DataShaka is… powering H&Ps visualisation tool

As part of their global, digital marketing strategy, H&P developed The Hub, their client facing data visualisation tool. To power The Hub, H&P were looking for a reliable data partner. DataShaka were approached to deal with the variety issue of working across increasingly complex spreadsheets each using different formats.

Today, data is simply fed into the DataShaka platform and pulled via a unified stream of data straight from the DataShaka API. Our cutting edge data management technology makes the data available 48 hours after studies happens, pushing the boundaries of data processing. This has allowed H&P to reduce the time it takes data to get to their clients, allowing for quicker, data-driven decision making.

Agenda 21Agenda-21-Logo-(small)
Digital Media Planning, Buying and Analytics Agency
DataShaka is… future-proofing data and allowing flexible querying

Agenda 21 were looking for a future-proof data management platform to not only support currently known and future data sources, but also wanted the flexibility of querying the data in any way they liked. The data team spends unnecessary time on data collating.

Disparate data sets such as Flashtalking, Google Analytics and many more are unified automatically on the DataShaka platform. This allows Agenda 21 to profit from drastically improved data management, enabling their data team to fully focus on analysing readily available data reports.

Mr President Mr-President-Logo-(small)
Creative Marketing Agency
DataShaka is… simplifying marketing effectiveness measurement

In an effort to gain better insights from their data and measure both the effectiveness of their clients’ advertising campaigns and track global brand health, Mr. President approached DataShaka in early 2011. They understood the huge potential data has in predicting trends and impacting campaigns when combined with different data sets, but struggled to pull all the data together into one consistent and easy to work with format.

Now armed with DataShaka’s simple drag-and-drop data visualisation tool, SmartView, powered by the DataShaka platform, Mr President and their clients can easily analyse their campaigns, spot trends and plot graphs in seconds. No more time is wasted collating and unifying data from various social media and web analytics platforms, thanks to the DataShaka platform.

Full-service Marketing Agency
DataShaka is… unifying data from across multiple sources

To realise their digital vision of having all data in one place, allowing for better measurement, Rapp needed a partner to truly solve the challenge of working with many disparate data sets. Understanding that new data formats and sources would arise in the future, they wanted their data partner to be able to cater to the changing environment by ensuring future compatibility.

The DataShaka platform is now pulling together disparate data sets, providing Rapp and its clients with a single and insightful view of their marketing activity and can interrogate cross channel relationships. Future-proofing their data via DataShaka’s unification platform, Rapp is able to derive insights from current as well as future data, no matter what format or source originates from.

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