Agility in a different light

September 17, 2015 posted by Kevin

Tags: Agile, Kanban, Team, Process, Scrum, Intern,

If you’ve ever worked in a start-up, then you know the experience is quite different from the ones you could have in the corporate world. A start-up generally offers you a faster-paced and flexible working environment that let you experiment with your actions.

You definitely feel like you actually create an impact on the company which is quite rewarding. Responsibilities might be a little heavier when compared to a corporate because of smaller teams.

DataShaka At Conversion Thursday

July 17, 2014 posted by Phil

Tags: Agile, Industry Trends, Events, Belief, Beliefs, Big Data

As part of DBi’s Conversion Thursday, we were invited to share our thoughts on how Big Data is part of a bigger picture involving everyone within an organisation. This coincides with the release presentation of a recent NESTA report about the challenges UK business face hiring for data roles.

The Data Automation Process - Learning from Lemmings

When trying to visualize our current automation process for a presentation, I stumbled over an interesting resemblance from my gaming childhood

Letting Off Steam

Like any self-respecting company, at DataShaka we like to do things properly. Being a technology startup focussing on the way people deal with data means quality is defined at many different levels. One important part is the code that makes up our product. Last Wednesday we booked out a whole day for Quality Assurance to get our hands dirty and our code clean.

My First Weeks of DataShaking

June 24, 2013 posted by Philo

Tags: Agile, Non-Techie, Team, People


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