Agility in a different light

September 17, 2015 posted by Kevin

Tags: Agile, Kanban, Team, Process, Scrum, Intern,

If you’ve ever worked in a start-up, then you know the experience is quite different from the ones you could have in the corporate world. A start-up generally offers you a faster-paced and flexible working environment that let you experiment with your actions.

You definitely feel like you actually create an impact on the company which is quite rewarding. Responsibilities might be a little heavier when compared to a corporate because of smaller teams.

Datashaka 101

July 03, 2015 posted by Kevin

Tags: Non-Techie, Team, Company, Intern,

Back in when I was a little kid I had the opportunity to travel and live abroad during long periods. These experiences were definitely the most marking in terms of discovery and immersion. And here I am, 18 years later, back in the game for another thrilling experience abroad. For 3 months, I will be joining DataShaka for an internship and work in the marvellous but challenging world of data.

3 Months at DataShaka...

October 06, 2014 posted by Bastien

Tags: Intern,, DataOps

This is it, the end of my internship, after three months spent at DataShaka. I will try to review what I did during these three months and what I learnt from that time spent at DataShaka.

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