Agility in a different light

September 17, 2015 posted by Kevin

Tags: Agile, Kanban, Team, Process, Scrum, Intern,

If you’ve ever worked in a start-up, then you know the experience is quite different from the ones you could have in the corporate world. A start-up generally offers you a faster-paced and flexible working environment that let you experiment with your actions.

You definitely feel like you actually create an impact on the company which is quite rewarding. Responsibilities might be a little heavier when compared to a corporate because of smaller teams.

Embarrassing Baby pictures of one of our apps

April 14, 2015 posted by Clemens

Tags: Code, Kanban, Agile Development, Development, Users, Automation, DataOps

There was a time at DataShaka where all Data processes happened behind closed curtains. The client would submit a file and we would tell them (sometimes days later) through a manual email that it is done or send them DAT (Data Acceptance Test) extracts to review and sign off.

Our new-look Kanban board

September 07, 2012 posted by Iago

Tags: Agile, Non-Techie, Board, Kanban, Process, Scrum

A while back, I spoke about how we adapted our Scrum board design to better reflect the changing nature of our business. Recently we've discussed ways to make the board more reflective of how we plan, and we decided it was time for another iteration. So we've gone from this:

Scrum + Kanban = Scrum-ban

March 02, 2012 posted by Iago

Tags: Agile, Non-Techie, Kanban, Techie, Scrum

As ScrumMaster at MediaScience, I always have two questions lurking in the back of my mind: do our processes work for us, and what else is out there that might help us be faster, better and more responsive?

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