Twitter Data in The Race for Context: A Case Study

August 25, 2015 posted by Sabah

Tags: Industry Trends, Twitter, Belief, Big Data, Variety, Social Media Data

Businesses large and small have been using Twitter as a means of engaging and communicating with consumers. Just by visiting Twitter and searching for some of the big name brands such as: Nike, Google, Samsung or HSBC reveals that they have multiple Twitter accounts, often dedicated to countries, brands and products.

5 Steps To Ensure That Data Projects Are Successful

July 23, 2015 posted by Sabah

Tags: Non-Techie, People, Belief, Products, Clients, Users, Data, Variety, Communication


So you've landed a new data project. Now you need to make sure that you deliver. Unfortunately when it comes to most big data projects, they fail. 

Big Data in 2014 - A Necessary Update

June 20, 2014 posted by Lennard

Tags: Non-Techie, Trends, Big Data, 3Vs, Data, Variety

Whether you hate the phrase or not, Big Data is here to stay. The Guardian has even created a special section for it. That must mean it has a future, right? Well, with this in mind, I have taken a look at how the idea of Big Data came about and what has changed since its incarnation.

Data Variety - The Ugly Duckling of Big Data

January 31, 2014 posted by Lennard

Tags: Non-Techie, Marketing, Beliefs, Big Data, Variety

Although, based on Gartner’s original framework, Big Data consists of three, some argue even 4 Vs (Trusty Wikipedia link), the majority of companies today seem to be focusing their Big Data efforts on Volume and Velocity, the first two easy Vs, making the third V, Variety, the neglected, harder to solve, ugly duckling of Big Data. 

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