Want a job that most people will hate? We're hiring... :-)

December 04, 2015 posted by Richard

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.NET Software Engineer

Now-Hiring.jpegWe believe that data is a force for good. We believe data can help people make better decisions.

We also believe data is simply too hard today. Data needs to be easier.

We're on a mission to make data easy to work with, unlocking its power and potential for everyone.

Utilising our patented IP, we excel at the emerging world of DataOps to provide fully managed Data-as-a-Service to agencies, companies and organisations around the world. Delivering trusted, timely data to power dashboards and applications.

 We make data our problem, so our clients can get on with what they're great at.

# about this is a role:

  • That many people will hate.
  • Where you could be solving a knotty data processing problem, headphones on, then next jump on the phone with a client before you'll be invited to the whiteboard to sketch out the future.
  • Where saying no to 'the boss’ or the client is not an offence (as long as it is supported by a rational argument.)
  • Where all engineers are full stack, from Ops to CSS.
  • Where we all interact with our clients (via tools such as Trello & Slack) and users.
  • Where we all decide what we do next.
  • That needs focus on both short and long term at the same time.
  • That means joining a team that is electrified about changing the world through data (and crazy enough to believe that it's possible)
  • Where we all really care about doing an amazing job and you must too
  • Where you will belong to a lean, close and intense team who believe in respect, balance, personal responsibility, learning, growth, consideration, feedback and robust discussion.

# apply if:

  • This is you: 
  • You have an opinion and are prepared to voice it, but also prepared to cede gracefully when presented with a better argument.
  • You hate doing things manually twice and want to be a driving force towards automation.
  • You are able to take a step back, question the why and the how.
  • You know what beautiful code looks like and your code is easily maintainable.

# core skills and experience you have:

  • Excellent large scale, design and testing in C# .NET in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012+
  • Experience with LINQ queries
  • Experience with designing RESTful APIs
  • Experience with T-SQL
  • Experience working in an agile team
  • Experience with continuous delivery flow
  • Good communication, flexible and self-motivated

 # better if you have demonstrable interest/skills in:

  • Data
  • F#
  • JavaScript, HTML & CSS
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Using external Web APIs

# perks

  • Relaxed office situated at WeWork Spitafields
  • Free water, coffee, beer, snacks, events
  • Regular social events & jam sessions
  • Flexible working practices (remote working, flexible hours)

Interested? Drop us a line to

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