• Why Work With Us...

    Our highly skilled Data Operations engineers work hands-on, behind the scenes and under the surface, ensuring your data is always ready to go: fit for purpose and easy to work with.

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    Greater Insight

    • Data often needs the human touch to enable the insight to be unlocked
    • Free your people from 'Ops' work so they can really analyse
    • Bring together, and manipulate, multiple data sets
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    Human Touch

    • You want an expert on hand, not an FAQ document
    • 'Plug & Play' Services often turn out to be anything but
    • You don't want to wait, our people are ready to go, today
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    Reduce Hassle & Cost

    • None of the hassle of hiring or running your own team
    • Highly flexible, deployed across the business or a specific project
    • Can increase your bandwidth quickly where it's needed most
  • What our clients say...

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  • Download a Case Study

    We love to work directly with organisations or, behind the scenes, in partnership with Service Providers and Agencies. Just drop us a line to start the conversation.

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  • What is Data Operations?

    Every modern business knows there is power residing in data. Harnessing that power, through the likes of analytics, AI etc is only made possible with super-charged Data Operations.


    Without it, your team will spend most of their time on preparation and very little time on inspiration. Too many headaches for too little value.


    Data Operations (or Data Ops for short) is the behind-the-scenes work that is essential to ensuring your data is always ready to go: fit for purpose and easy to use.


    But what about that analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI or visualisation?


    DataOps doesn't do these.

    It just makes them easier to do.

  • We have two delivery models...

    (fyi - we're always happy to explore alternative commercial frameworks, depending on the deployment model)

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    Static Data

    Data for Reports

    We deliver refined, fit-for-purpose, data into any environment, be that a spreadsheet, database or any location you specifiy.

    Pricing starts at £2,500 pcm

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    Live Data

    Data for Applications

    We deliver refined, fit-for-purpose data, on-demand (via API) to your Applications.

    Pricing starts at £5,000 pcm


  • Under the Hood

    We have some pretty clever stuff under the hood, combining our own IP (have a dig around on GitHub) with world-leading software services from the very best, and most secure, providers. And we're always evolving as new ideas and new demands come to us. Drop us a line to find out more...

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  • A simple process...



    All of our engagements begin with understanding your environment and needs.

    4-6 weeks



    We work hard to help you define, prioritise and agree the specific outputs you require.

    2-4 weeks



    Our DataOps engineers ensure your data is delivered to specification and on-time.


  • Our Blog

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